Naomi Cole

Naomi Cole
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Naomi is a real estate entrepreneur passionate about helping others achieve their goals. With experience in the private real estate sector her goal is to preserve and restore value in our communities. With unparalleled market research she specializes in real estate investments, acquisitions, dispositions, new development and residential restorations. She values integrity and honesty and takes pride in working with a group of sustainable conscious professionals who ultimately share the same goal of adding value to our communities.


Naomi graduated from the University of Washington with her B.A. in Comparative History of Idea’s with a minor in Law, Society, and Justice. She desired to understand in greater depth how context, philosophy, and human creativity foster advances in society. While studying in Amsterdam Naomi was inspired by the Dutch design philosophy of remixing existing elements to produce sustainable hybrids. Her ecofriendly approach to real estate is transformed by the built environment and how our societies are influenced by design.


Naomi’s passion for sustainable design led her to the real estate field where she consistently looks for opportunities to add value to neighborhoods and communities. As a Licensed Real Estate Broker serving the Greater Seattle Area, Naomi offers design consultation, construction knowledge, and building opportunities. She has teamed up with the new generation of architects and engineers who aims to recast the green movement for the twenty-first century and transform design into a positive agent by balancing the societal needs of humans with environmental considerations.